Fazle Kader Muhammad Abdul Baqui

1973-05-11 to 1975-12-31

Mr. Fazle Kader Muhammad Abdul Baqui joined as the first Comptroller & Auditor General of Bangladesh on 11th May 1973. He was born on 01-01-1916.

He obtained his BA (Hons) (Economics) from Calcutta University and MA in English from Dhaka University.

Mr. FKM Abdul Baqui served as Financial Advisor, Jute Trading Corporation; General Manager, House Building Finance Corporation, East Pakistan and Director, Trading Corporation of Pakistan.

He is married and has three daughters. Mr. FKM Abdul Baqui had received extensive training at USA, UK and Pakistan.

He visited USA, UK, Pakistan, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India for professional business.