Right to Information

The Right to Information Act, 2009(hereinafter called the “Act”) is an important piece of legislation which has been enacted to empower the citizens through access to information. 

This page of the website is dedicated for disseminating information about the OCAG to the citizens at large as required by the Act. The field outfits within its jurisdiction are also in process of disseminating such information. However, queries may be submitted through this website to the offices that do not have their websites as of now. OCAG has appointed an Information Officer to assist in discharging the duties under this Act. Even though the required information is to be disseminated under this Act, it is advisable to get such information verified from the Information Officer before using them in any manner.

Details of Appellate Authority and Information Officer of OCAG:

Information Officer: 

Deputy Director -1 (MIS)

Phone: +88-02-58315046

E-mail: dd1.mis@cag.org.bd

Website: http://www.cag.org.bd

Appellate Authority:

Deputy Comptroller & Auditor General (Senior)

Phone: +88-02-48312370

Fax: +88-02-48315119

E-mail: international@cagbd.org

Website: http://www.cag.org.bd