Reform Programmes

To provide quality audit services to meet the expectations of the stakeholders, reform activities both in-house and with support from the European Union (EU) are underway under the dynamic leadership of incumbent CAG.  These activities mainly cover the following areas:

  • Audit planning and methodology, 

    • Government Auditing Standards 

    • Code of Ethics 

    • Quality Control System

    • Compliance Audit Guidelines 

    • Financial Audit Guidelines

    • Performance Audit Guidelines

  • Timeliness in delivery and dissemination of the audit reports, 

  • Risk management and quality enhancement of audit processes and 

  • Professional development and capacity building. 

In the meantime, an auditing software, named Audit Management and Monitoring System (AMMS 2.0) is in the process of development to make sure that the ongoing audit activities are effectively monitored and managed by the audit directorates and audit managers.