Functional Areas

SL Directorates
1. Civil Audit Directorate 
  • Finance Division
2. Revenue Audit Directorate
  • Internal Resources Division
  • Ministry of Land
3. Commercial Audit Directorate 
  • Ministry of Industries
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Banks and financial Institutions Division
  • Ministry of Textiles and Jute
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism
4.  Works Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Housing and Public Works
  • Ministry of Water Resources
5.  Transport Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Railways
  • Road Transport and Highways Division
  • Bridges Division
  • Ministry of Shipping
6. Foreign Aided Project Audit Directorate 
  • Economic Relations Division
7. Postal, Telecommunication, Science and Technology Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Posts and Telecommunications Division
  • Information and Communication Technology Division
  • Ministry of Information
8. Defence Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Armed Forces Division
9. Health Audit Directorate
  • Health Services Division
  • Medical Education and Family Welfare Division
10. Education Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Primary and Mass Education
  • Ministry of Cultural Affairs
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
  • Secondary and Higher Education Division
  • Technical and Madrasa Education Division
11. Agriculture and Environment Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest
  • Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
12. Local Government and Rural Development Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs
  • Local Government Division
  • Rural Development and Co-operatives Division
13. Social Safety Net Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Social Welfare
  • Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • Ministry of Liberation War Affairs
  • Ministry of Food
14. Power and Energy Audit Directorate 
  • Power Division
  • Energy and Mineral Resources Division
15. IT & Public Services Audit Directorate 
  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Cabinet Division
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • Public Security division
  • Security Service division
  • Statistics and Informatics Division
  • Planning Division
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
16.  Constitutional Bodies Audit Directorate
  • Office of the Honorable President
  • Law and Justice Division
  • Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Division
  • Bangladesh Supreme Court
  • Election Commission Secretariat
  • Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Public Service Commission
  • Parliament secretariat
  • Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh
17. Mission Audit Directorate
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment